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Pennies for Memories

Welcome to the Pennies 4 Memories gift bag. You are about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Memories are priceless and often forgotten for a variety of reasons. Pennies 4 Memories was designed to capture those moments using dated pennies, provide an avenue to write those memories down, and then share those precious moments with family and friends.


When you purchase a Pennies 4 Memories gift bag you will receive several items to include one white gloss bag, two sheets of quality non-woven tissue paper, one silver engraved Keepsake box, one journal with an ink pen, one book entitled, "The Hundred Penny Box", and one very "Special Surprise Gift". In addition, you will need to indicate the years of dated pennies you want for your special celebration.


I have all the pennies your would need. For example, say you wanted to celebrate a loved one's birthday from 1980...included in this gift would be dated pennies one for each year of their life. There is nothing on the market like Pennies 4 Memories, so be the first to purchase this special gift and experience the "WOW" of Pennies 4 Memories.

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