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Ryland Warner


Make your work your play.  I am a 16-year-old in the 11th grade at James River High School in Virginia.  When I was in an 8th grade science fair, I studied the melting points of metals and made my first sculpture with aluminum that I had collected.  I loved the process of making these items, their artistic shapes, and that they came from...well...trash.  


The next year I started high school, but my world was completely changed by COVID 19.  My school completely closed and I no longer got to hang out with my friends, play sports, or frankly do anything.  In the Fall of my 10th grade year we went back to school, but in a virtual setting.  The only safe way I could see my friends was outside, which was ok, but then it got cold. Sitting around a bonfire, my mind went back to my handmade forge and making pieces from reclaimed materials that were destined for the landfill.  RYcycled was born!


In December of 2020 I participated in my first art show at an outdoors art market in Richmond, Virginia. It was great!  I talked to so many people that were interested in what I was doing, cared about the environment, and liked my art!  

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