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Bob Bohannon 

Drawing inspiration from life in, around and above the ocean, I start with a sketch on the wood species I select from the dozens available that becomes the foundation for the carving. Using a few hand chisels and power tools I carve in 3-D. Hand-sanding creates the proper ‘feel’ of each detail.


I then bring the carving to life using my ‘water-fusing’ and ‘torch-painting’ techniques with up to 9 acrylic and 4 stain colors. Each carving is completed when I add their eyes – the windows to their soul. Every carving has a story of inspiration and creation, one I like to share. This personal interaction with those wanting to discuss their interests and my art creates a connection.


And each time one of my carvings is selected to go to a new ‘home’, it is the highest compliment I can receive - when my art becomes my customer’s art

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