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Michael Gillespie, Expert Metalworks

My metalwork uses various methods of construction. I use ancient blacksmith forging skills as well as modern tools and equipment to produce various types of metal sculpture. My designs range from the whimsical flying pigs to creative kinetic sculptures. I can utilize various discarded metal items and repurpose them into new creations. Most of my metalwork uses steel in various forms, however I am also expanding into uses for aluminum or stainless steel. I would say a lot of my work is creation of outdoor art type projects but I also produce items for inside home or office decoration. I have over twenty-five years of metalworking experience and I am now the Executive Director of the Banton-Smith Center for Blacksmithing and Metal Arts with the Central Virginia Blacksmith Guild. There I teach new students blacksmithing skills or further their education into various metal related topics like patina finishes, paint types and effects, heat treating of metals, etc.

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